1. If the article has any damage you must inform us within 48 hours.
  2. For factory-caused defects you have a 2-year guarantee.


If you want to make a return, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You must contact Customer Service by sending an e-mail to info@myluxuryglasses.com explaining the reason for the request. Within 24-48 hours, we will give you an answer.
  2. Fill out our Guarantee Form and include it in the package. (Download Link)
  3. Send the package to our warehouse: My Luxury Glasses. Address: Violant d'Hongria Reina d'Aragó, 71. 08028. Barcelona. Telephone: 0034 93 034 43 73
  4. Use the original packaging to protect the box containing the items to be returned and in no case place the return label directly on the boxes.


  1. You can send it yourself to the address provided.

  2. Request a collection by sending an email to info@myluxuryglasses.com indicating the reason for the guarantee, name, address and purchase details.


  1. You will have to bear the cost of shipping and possible customs expenses.


  1. All guarantees are managed and processed by the MLG team after receipt of the order between 3 and 5 days.
  2. Once we receive and verify the status of the product, we will proceed to process a new order to the supplier to replace the warranty request.
  3. We will proceed to make a new shipment to the client (transport costs and possible customs expenses will not be reimbursed, since the services have been provided).

MLG reserves the right to reject guarantees communicated after the deadline or products that present conditions other than manufacturing defects.


Some countries may have import taxes and customs costs, please check with your local authorities. If the shipment of the package generates customs expenses and taxes, these will be borne by the client.

Please note that MLG operates from the European Union. If the customer does not want to bear the customs fees, MLG will not refund the amount of the order or take charge of the package. It is important to put a correct address and a contact telephone number. Post office box is not accepted. On some occasions, the Customs Authorities of the United States ask its citizens to provide their Social Security number to release the imported merchandise.

What is the warranty period?

All our glasses include a 2-year Warranty against Manufacturer's defects from the time of delivery.

What does the warranty cover?

This warranty, from the manufacturer, covers manufacturing defects and not possible damage caused by misuse of the product such as: breakage, falls or scratches.

In the case of applying a guarantee, transport or customs expenses are not included, they will be assumed by the client.

For any additional issues, let us know and we'll help you resolve it.

How to process a guarantee?

If you need to process a guarantee, you should contact Customer Service by sending an e-mail to info@myluxuryglasses.com explaining the reason for application. Within 24-48 hours, we will give you an answer.

Can I process a replacement without guarantee?

You can request any substitution of glasses, lenses or products out of warranty. We will tell you at the time of processing if it is available and the amount of the product.

Are your products original?

All our products are 100% original. We are authorized distributors of each of the brands.

Do they include original cover?

All our glasses are 100% original, they include the case, suede and brand information provided.